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Expertisegroup Management as
your business partner


Expertisegroup Management (Flambeau Beheer NV) concentrates on Turn around Management, Creative Business Development and Equity Investments. The company is based on the Dutch Caribbean island Curacao.


Specific expertise has been developed related to Business based on Intellectual Property (IP) and innovative technology: The professional network of the group includes lawyers, accountants, real estate developers, investors, ICT experts and experienced business people of various ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


The staff and network members of Expertisegroup Management have the expertise to handle business in the European Union (Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, France), Maroc, Dubai, South Africa, the USA, Latin America, the Caribbean Area, Malaysia, China and India: Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Dwight P. Isebia, (CEO) was born on Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles, a small island in the Caribbean near the coast of Venezuela. He obtained his Master degree in Notarial and Taxation Law at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands.


In 1985 he started with the organisation of trainings and seminars on behalf of European lawyers, Management Consultants and Business Managers. His client network included most major companies and law firms in the Netherlands.

He also participated in the set up and/ or management of  Companies in the Netherlands and is also dedicated to creative writing and strategic planning.

The subsidiaries of Expertisegroup Management are managed by highly qualified professionals. More information will be provided on request

A working relationship with ExpertiseGroup Management

Contact us if you think we could be an interesting partner for you to exploit new ventures. We are eager to combine ideas with creativity and expertise